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We assist in making a magnificent career

If you are looking for a work, you need the help of a professional. When collaborating with our recruitment agency specialists you'll be able to orientate in the labor market more quickly, to use your skills properly and select the most corresponding to your stage of career developmant path.

Time saving with our help

Our company gathers the complete data about participants state of affairs in the recruitment market. We provide all the analytical background and statistics about the labour market, staff and salaries that was gathered from more than 100 online and print editions, in order to save your time.

Program for background screening

Your company is one of a kind and consequently unique solutions are required to establish the screening process. First HR Source provides a comprehensive solution to employ screening of your employees' background making it easier to avoid risks and make smarter hiring decisions.

Our main services

Our customers will be able to enjoy advantages of our software integration with WestLaw, a well known provider of research and background screening services, as well as drug testing and other key types of verification services. Our software designed to check criminal background of your employees will help you to make a correct choice for hiring. Employee criminal background checks and employment screening services protect company against theft or fraud and deliver you from negative hiring experience. WestLaw's integrated software for HR solution contains all necessary components for convenient employment screening processes and criminal background checks. In order to provide your company with protection against theft or fraud, and deliver yourself from negative hiring experience, choose one of four WestLaw HR software services or customize your own taking our pricing options into consideration.

    Based on DataBank research:
  • More than 30 percent of employees include false information in their applications.
  • About 40 percent of information is misrepresented in CV's.
  • 45 percent applicants usually have criminal records, bad driving records, compensation claims or bad credit history.
  • 95 percent of companies become victims of theft, although only 10 percent happen to discover it. And about 72 percent employers become victims of negligent hiring suits.
  • Sexual harassment incidents have increased by over 130 percent from 1991 to 1997, 15 percent in average per year.
  • 40 percent drivers in the US have some kind of violation on their driving record, and 25 percent don't have insurance at all.
  • Two million workers become victims of violent crimes right in their workplace annually, which cost employers 4.2 billion.
  • Employee theft makes up to 30% of all business failures.
  • Employee fraud makes American companies pay additional $20 billion a year.
  • Workplace theft loss constitutes about $120 billion a year.

It's due to the fact that over two million crimes get committed annually in the workplace, companies need integrated human resources software to protect company from theft, fraud and negative hiring experience.

Do you spend much on a payroll solution without getting the benefits of HR support?

It doesn't matter if you have a 20 or 2000 employee business; your First HR Source has a proven payroll solution to make you better prepared for managing your employees' lifecycle. We offer such services as Payroll, Tax Filling, Employee Self Service, HR Consulting, HR Compliance Tools, and many others while keeping DOWN the costs.

The in-house team of First HR Source, with the help of its ADP relationship, will sell, service and support three payroll and HR options: ADP Workforce, ADP RUN, and our products and services. Our main point is providing you the best service or technology and pricing for your Payroll and HR needs. With the help of you solution you'll be able to increase productivity, take your costs under control, and pay less efforts on administrative functions.

When you think about a PEO company for your HR, take an ASO (Administrative Service Organization) into consideration. Similar to a PEO we combine your HR services and technologies together in order to reduce your costs on HR without necessity to turn your company Federal ID to obtain the highest class sevices.

  • Well-trained consultants in HR field: either real field representatives or on-line/phone support
  • Several Payroll Options & Sold, Serviced or Supported by us.
  • Compliance Database and Wizard
  • Benefits of Employees
  • Benefit Monitoring
  • 401 (k) Monitoring
  • Compensation to Workers

Evaluations of Employee Performance.

If you would like to know more about evaluations of your employee performance, strategy of employee performance appraisal, or about how an employee performance evaluation affect work performance, Firs HR Source software tools are designed specifically for you!

Our web resource includes an extensive selection of professionally-created sample templates for evaluation and appraisal of employee performance. When you need software for performance evaluation, sample job descriptions, sample HR letters, human resource policy, or training meeting - all you need to do is just choose, download, and customize one of the thousand samples and templates that we have.

You still don't know how well-administered evaluations and appraisals of your employee performance can help your business? Evaluations of employee performance are made for improving communication between superiors and subordinates. Evaluations of employee performance is also used as a tool of effective counseling and assisting supervisors in their attempt to rate themselves. Appraisals of employee performance are a means of assessing the status of the company's needs of personnel and supply vital documentation for the purposes of EEO. Professionally-made evaluations of employee performance are now can be easily produced. Our software for appraisals and evaluations of employee performance is the most complete source for practical advice in HR policy as well, and it also provides a plain-English compliance analysis available at any place. The HR topic doesn't matter - whether it's sample HR letters, HR policy, sample job descriptions, or meetings on evaluation training - the First HR Source will be the tool you can always count on.

The HR function keeps on developing, involving more of the strategic role to HR professionals within a company. With the help of our Business Calculators your HR professional will be able to identify troubles and find solutions as soon as possible, and increase the company's competitive ability in the end.

Compensation Mixture: all components considered in the total compensation marked as a percentage of total compensation. Using this compensation mixture makes it easier for managers to understand the total compensation parts including fixed costs (salary, etc.) and variable costs (benefits, overtime, etc.) The correct reading of components will help managers to develop cost reducing strategies.

Ratio of Compensation: the relation between current salaries and average salary values. There is a commonly known term "compa ratio" that you might know. Monitoring individual salaries as compared to average value helps managers to make sure that employees get paid appropriately according to their skills, experience, and professional performance.

Calculator for Cost Per Hire: If you want to measure the recruiting function effectiveness and efficiency, you might need to calculate the cost per hire. This value is calculated by means of adding all associated with recruiting expenses and dividing the whole amount by the number of new hires for the period.

Calculator of Cost Ratios: Contributions of employers into plans of benefit have reached enormous rate, hence companies keep on thoroughly monitoring this expense and trying to keep the costs down without sacrifice of healthcare insurance and other benefits provided to employees. This function is used to calculate and track monthly and full-year benefits expense ratios on the bases of the input information.

Calculator of Labor Costs per Employee: This function is to be used to calculate total labor costs per one employee during one month, full year, and 10-year period of time.

Guidelines for Merit Increase: Paying for work performance requires careful employers' attention to the job performance of individual employees, and after that all you need to do is differentiate between annual merit increases on that evaluation bases. This function is a tool that helps you in creating Merit Increase Guidelines the will be used by your company for budgeting salary increases distinguished between high and low performers. This calculator exploits a four-level performance rating system.

Performance Evaluation and Adjustment of Salary Worksheet: This form is confidential and serves as a basis for meaningful, two-way discussion with the employee. When the report is thoughtfully and accurately performed the discussion about work performance gets most successful.

Worksheet for Salary Budget: This function is designed to input date on current salary of your employees and forecast the annual merit increase and any promotional increases anticipated during the budget year. This sheet will then provide you with calculation of the total salary and expense for benefits during the budget year. This calculator will additionally provide you with detailed information about how to use a resource when managing the expenses during the year.

Calculator of Staff Ratio and Expense Factor: The ratio of HR staff and operating expense are two general metrics used in order to measure the effectiveness of the HR department. This function will provide you a report on the bases of input information, which will show monthly and annual ratios.

Calculator of Turnover Cost (Single Vacancy): The cost of turnover calculation will assist company and individual managers in understanding the cost of losing or replacing key employees. This function calculates the turnover cost for a single vacancy.

Calculator of Turnover Rate during First Employment Year: This function calculates the turnover rate of employees during the first year of employment. There are two types of employees who left the company: Voluntary terminations - left by choice, involuntary terminations - asked to leave due to poor performance, misconduct, or job elimination.

Calculator of Turnover Rate of Top Performers: This function calculates the yearly turnover rate for employees with above average performance. There are two types of employees who left the company: Voluntary terminations - left by choice, involuntary terminations - asked to leave due to poor performance, misconduct, or job elimination.

Ceaseless, completely automated identification, attendance and time, payroll and HR solution in one complete database, in real time!

Compliance of wages and hours and expenses spent on tracking payroll may be costly. However the First HR Source's FREE work management online software system will help your business to track employee attendance and time for free. Our free online payroll time application exploits the same SQL database for workforce management software that had been used for payroll and HR management, without duplication of entry and redundancy. The files of the management system for timekeeping can be easily imported into our online payroll application.

New services

Recruitment of Contracting HR

Our company provides skilled and capable HR contract specialists at any level ranging from HR Administrators to Executive HR Directors able to support you in nearly any situation, including specialist HR project requirements and routine general HR business delivery services.

Recruitment of Permanent HR

The team of highly experienced permanent HR recruitment specialists uses search and advertised selection for you to find senior HR professionals.

Recruitment of Executive HR

First HR Source usually includes recruitment assignment requiring a targeted and focused approach to provision of HR specialists with the specific capabilities and expertise matching the requirements of a constantly changing business world.

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